Claudia Ramirez

Claudia RamirezMy name is Claudia Ramirez Rios and I am 18 years old. I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, a place full of happiness, carnivals, and fun. I love Soccer, and played in High School for 4 years. I was trying out for GCSU’s Soccer Team but it was very hard and it took a lot of my time. But I’m joining the International Club and they play Soccer every Friday so I will be joining them. I also like going to the gym, swimming, make jewelry, math, and dance in parties. I was also part of Interact for two years and we did a lot of community service.

I have a big family. My mother’s name is Diana and my father’s is Eduardo. My mother is a Teacher Aide and my father is an insurance independent agent. I have three sisters named Diana, Karen, and Jessica. Diana and Karen also won the Rotary Scholarship. Diana went back after the year here and now she’s in her 5th year of Industrial Engineering. She has also been continuing with Rotary by being part of Rotaract and she was last year’s president. Karen stayed in the U.S. studying for two years in Young Harris College and then she transferred to GCSU (this is her 4th year here). My youngest sister is still in school, she is in her Junior year. We live with our grandfather, who is a retired manager of a roof company.

Coming all the way from Colombia to United States, made me a little bit homesick because I have been very united to my family and friends. Yet this doesn’t interfere with me getting to know a lot of people. I have made very good friends, especially with the international people. Thank you for letting me live this experience which I’m sure it will change my life completely.