Jaime Jacome

Jaime JacomeMy name is Jaime Andres Jacome Jimenez; I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on April 1, 1987. My parents are Jaime Alberto Jacome and Susana Jimenez. I have one brother Alberto Mario, who is 15 years old and still, goes to high school. Since I am a kid I have had three passions in life besides sharing wonderful moments with my family; those are my passion for sports, (especially for soccer and golf), working out, and working in my business, “The Essence”, which I created when I 17. As a soccer player I won with my team four titles and achieve twice the golden boot. In golf I had a lot of wins in national and local tournaments and played as low as a three handicap. I enjoy listening to music, in particular Vallenato, a native genre from the northern coast of Colombia. One of my hobbies is to read about historical events and heroes and about the economy or the businesses in the world. Right now I am studying business administration at Georgia College and State University. I believe this career fits with my personality and will help me accomplish all the goals I have in life. The dream of coming to the US arose when I was in middle school and since then I worked hard every day until it came true. Thanks to GRSP, the opportunity of coming to the US and study became a reality. I was sure that this was a one time life experience where I would mature, become a better person, and learn many things that are essential in life. That is when I look back and remember the moment I took the decision of accepting this scholarship; I believe it has been probably one of the best decisions of my life.