Georgia Rotary Student Program

Purpose of the Georgia Rotary Student Program:

The Rotarians of the State of Georgia, USA, operate a program by granting scholarships to international students to study in the colleges and universities in Georgia. By using the means of scholarships, we are trying to promote international goodwill through the bonds of friendship and understanding with one another.


Scholarship Covers:

The scholarship covers one scholastic year, from August to May, and is for study in colleges and universities located in the State of Georgia.


Scholarship Pays:

  1. tuition
  2. book allowance
  3. meals
  4. college provided room
  5. $400 to cover personal items


Applicant must provide:

  1. transportation from country to USA and return
  2. medical insurance
  3. $3,000 spending money
  4. any income taxes imposed by the school on the scholarship money


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. must be 18 years but not 25 years of age by August 1 the year studies begin
  2. cannot have studied in the USA for a period exceeding four months
  3. must be single.


If you feel that you can meet these requirements, then go to This information will tell you what needs to be sent in with the application.