Daniel R. Ryder

Daniel R RyderDan is from Plymouth Wales. Dan lives with his parents, Phil and Alison, and his sister, Ellie. They are a very close family. His Mum and Dad have always encouraged him to participate in a wide range of activities and consistently support his interests and hobbies. Dan attended Maelor School in Penley Wales.

Dan's desired course studies are Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computing, Computer Systems Engineering and Math. He has a very strong interest in aeronautics, he plans to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering and design.

Dan's service activities are First Hanmer Scouts, School Council, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Wrexham Youth University Diploma, Top flight and Youth Gateway Certificate.

Dan's hobbies are Rugby Union, Golf, Cricket, Flying and Building Model Aircraft, and Paintballing.

Here is the reason Dan applied to be a GRSP student: "I feel very strongly that in order to succeed you have to be willing to participate. I am, therefore, very keen to get involved in all aspects of university life in Georgia and take advantage of opportunities afforded me.